Board Member for Small Animal Rescue 501(c)3



Start Date


Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Hermosa Beach
United States


Board Member Position Description: H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.

Title: Individual Member of the Board of Directors

About H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.: H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc., is a compassionate, non-profit Rescue Organization formed by an individual who has over 20 years of intense, hands-on experience handling “the underdogs.” The handling of Animals, both stray, and those on death row behind steel bars, is crucial. “Heeling” is a part of Training – we are not medical doctors trained in Healing, but we have experience in helping Heel Unleashed Giant Hearts.

We strive to make the world a better place for not only the underdogs, but the humans whose hearts have been healed as a result of adopting one of our Rescued animals.

We are a small organization focused on Quality vs. Quantity. In order to save more animals, we cherish opportunities where responsible and dedicated volunteers offer to help. By helping us, you are helping the Animals.

Board of Directors Purpose: To serve as an active voting member of the 501(c)3 organization which has authority and responsibility for the development of policies and continuing review of the conduct of the business of H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc. To raise funds in support of the organization’s conduct of the programs of H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.

Term: Appointment to a two-year term, subject to re-election or re-appointment.


· Willing to accept and promote the mission, goals and objectives of H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.

· Possesses professional expertise and influence needed by H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc. and/or represents one or more constituencies needed to provide balance to the Board’s membership.

· Has demonstrated significant leadership capability in the community and is willing to provide that expertise to the operation of the Board and its committees.

· Willing to make a personal financial contribution at a level that demonstrates commitment and sets a standard for others and is willing to ask others to give.

· Able and willing to serve effectively as a public representative of the organization and involve others in the work of H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.

General Responsibilities: 

·  To serve as an active voting member of the 501(c)3 organization which has authority and responsibility for the development of policies and continuing review of the conduct of the business of H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.

·  To raise funds to support the organization’s programs offered at H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.

·  Participate regularly by attending scheduled board meetings, committee or task force meetings as assigned, orientation sessions and special meetings as appropriate.

·  Commit to serve on at least one standing committee or task force and to accept special assignments.

·  Spend time studying and evaluating issues to become informed and prepared to discuss and vote on issues facing H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc. Each board member is expected to vote their position after careful consideration of the issue. Tasks which will require preparation and a vote by Board members include:

o  Decisions on issues, policies, priorities, goals and objectives;

o  Participation with other Board members and staff in the formulation, updating, and approval of long range strategies and objectives;

o  Nomination and election or appointment of members and officers of the Board;

o  Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the projects and programs and assure these projects and programs are progressing toward achieving stated objectives; and

o  Approval and monitoring of the operation and plant, property, and equipment budgets.

o  Support the resolutions and actions of the Board of Directors irrespective of personal opinion as to any such resolution or action.

o  Assure a process is in place to select, employ, and periodically evaluate the performance of the President.

o  Make a personal and/or business contribution to H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc. current campaigns, as well as solicit funds from others in annual support

o  Promote the mission, goals, and objectives of H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc. to increase public awareness, understanding and support of the organization.

o  If necessary, seek assistance from other Board members to enable each member to successfully fulfill the above level of commitment

Time Demands:

·  Regular Meetings

o  Monthly board meetings (estimated 1 hour/ month) – in person or via conference call

o  Committee and task force meetings (estimated 2 ½ hours every other month)


·       Strong preference will be given to candidates who reside in California.

·       Applicants must have a strong commitment to H.U.G. Hearts Foundation, Inc.’s mission and values, and must be dedicated to saving the lives of the animals in our care.

·       Applicants with experience in non-profit grantwriting, fundraising, and legal matters will be given special consideration.



How To Apply

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to the President of the organization at: Please include the words “Board Member Application” in the subject of your email. In your cover letter, please discuss how your background and skills make you an excellent candidate to commit to our organization. Qualified applicants will be contacted for a phone interview. Thank you for your interest!