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4451 Redondo Beach Boulevard
Unit B 2nd Fl
United States


Join us in our fun family facility that provides a safe, fun, magical place for children and adults of All abilities, typical and special needs to play, to grow, educate, and celebrate together. Our all-inclusive facility is a place where all children and adults can benefit from our uniquely designed extra sensory equipment. Along with that our gym offers unique fun equipment for all to have an amazing exploratory magical time entertainment combining sensory recreational play, dance, music, and art in a safe, clean, climate controlled,adult parent/guardian supervised environmen.

The best question a volunteer can as is “What can I do”.

Volunteer Requirements

-         Must be at least 14 years old

-         Agree to serve any client who is assigned regardless of race, sex, national origin or disability

Volunteer Responsibilities:

-         Primary responsibility is to play with children (push on swings, monitor zip line / trampoline, help with arts & crafts, engage in imaginative play, etc)

-         Secondary responsibilities include light cleaning as needed (dusting, cleaning mirrors, sweeping, emptying trash, etc), answering phones, and other activities as requested

Volunteer Opportunities:

-         Open Play: interact with children who are being supervised by parent / guardian

-         Break Time: responsible for supervising / playing with specific child/children (up to four children)

-         One to One Attendant Care: responsible for supervising / playing with one child who requires

one to one attention due to disabilities (autism, etc)

-         Birthday Parties: set up, supervising / playing with children, cutting cake, clean up, etc

-         Camps: set up, supervising / playing with children, arts & crafts, games, clean up, etc (Spring Break, Summer Break, Winter Break, and select school holidays)

-         Volunteer schedules can be flexible but we prefer a minimum of three hours per shift

-         Earn Community Hours

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