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ARV also focuses on the support of children whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS and many other related accidents. InGhana, there are many children who have no one to look after them after the death of their parents. These children are forced onto the streets, where they collect rotten food and beg to survive. On the streets, they no longer possess the right of being treated when they get sick, of obtaining an education, or of sleeping under a roof on a full stomach. At the orphanage, children are taught how to read, write, garden, work with wood, and play sports. They are given a chance at a better life. The orphanages are located not far from the city centre.

Besides giving the children clothes, food, and shelter, volunteers provides supplementary lessons at the orphanage for its children as well as children in the community. International volunteers teach classes in English, mathematics, social studies and science a day. Volunteer's Tasks The primary role of volunteers is to teach supplementary lessons to orphanage and community children. Lessons are centered on the subjects of English and Mathematics with grade levels paralleling those at school. There are also opportunities to teach Science and Social Studies, and the textbooks can prove very useful for lesson plans in these subjects. Volunteers also work on developing creativity, fine- and gross-motor skills.

At the weekend, volunteers have organized mini-Olympics, obstacle courses, sporting games, and various outings for the orphanage children. The reality is that all the children are desperate to learn, and anyone who has completed their education at school or college in a developed country can make a valuable contribution. Although 6 hours of a volunteer's day are typically tied up in lessons, the schedule for the rest of the day is quite flexible. Volunteers can decide their schedule based on their interests and skills.

The working week is Monday to Friday with the hours being determined by whether the children are at school or on holiday. If you wish you can stay at the orphanage and eat the meal which the children have - beans with gari or rice, dodo and beans, rice and stew. Saturdays and Sundays provide time for clothes washing, a more relaxed visit to city center and environs for shopping and emailing, or just reading and lazing about. Qualifications We do not require any particular qualifications from volunteer teachers, although anybody who is teacher-trained, or nursery nurse-trained for the pre-school children, would undoubtedly bring particularly valuable skills.

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How To Apply


  1. visit https://africanruralvolunteers.org/tour/sports-coaching-abroad/
  2. Read program details 
  3. click on apply and complete the application form 
  4. application shall be reviewed 
  5. if approved, you shall be assigned with a project manager who sees you through the pre-arrival process