Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) Volunteer



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


1575 Beam Avenue
St. Paul
United States


Volunteers play an integral part in the success of St. John’s Hospital. Their dedication enhances the care we provide our patients and visitors each and every day. Our HELP program provides a unique volunteering experience giving our volunteers one-on-one interactions with patients.

What is the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)?

HELP is a program for hospitals, designed to prevent delirium. Trained volunteers will engage patients in various activities. These activities are meant to boost self-esteem, encourage socialization and provide mental stimulation - all of which prevent mental deterioration and lead to a faster recovery. They also refresh the spirit and help regain energy spent.

Volunteer role

As a volunteer, you would provide the following directly to patients.

  • Daily visits: providing cognitive orientation through meaningful conversation, discussion and assistance.
  • Therapeutic activities: playing simple word games and puzzles with patients, which help them stay mentally focused and provide recreation to make their hospital stay more pleasant.
  • Meal time assistance: assisting seniors with their meals, opening cartons and providing encouragement so they will receive the fluids and nutrients needed to maintain their strength.
  • Sensory: assisting patients with their hearing aids, eye glasses and/or providing alternatives during their hospital stay.

How to become a volunteer?

Visit - Select "Giving" located on the top tab

Select "Volunteer With Us" - Click "Online Application"

If you have any questions, please contact Dana Manteufel at or 651-232-7041.


  • Training Provided