Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue


Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue is looking for an On-site Co-Manager in charge of chimpanzee welfare and camp administration. See below for details:

Staff Structure/Relations

·        Reports regularly to Director/Founder Dr. Sheri Speede via phone, email and in person, frequency determined by the Director

·        Works in respectful and diplomatic collaboration with the other Co-Manager and with other management staff

·        In collaboration with Co-Manager, exercises respectful, forthright authority over staff in a culturally sensitive manner

·        Collaborates with Co-Manager and Director on hiring, firing and discipline of staff.

Position Duties

In charge of the care and management of all chimpanzee residents

o  Monitors the daily health, well-being and behavior of all chimpanzees

o  Informs the Director and other Co-Manager, in a timely manner, of any concerns or changes regarding chimpanzee welfare

o  Communicates throughout the day with the veterinary team, assistant manager/s and caregivers regarding chimpanzee health, behavior and needs

o  Works with construction/maintenance manager, co-manager, assistant manager and caregivers to ensure that all enclosures are secure at all times

o  Oversees food preparation and ensures that diverse food sources are provided to all chimpanzees according to established protocols.

In charge of maintaining the efficient operation of camp and all equipment

o  Maintains an adequate level of camp supplies and food; organizes bi-weekly purchases for Belabo shopping trips based on inventories done by volunteers

o  Ensures all equipment, including pick-up trucks and generators, is maintained on a fixed schedule; authorizes equipment repairs; documents completion of all maintenance and repairs.

o  Works with co-manager to get equipment repaired and serviced as needed

o  Notifies Director concerning problems with equipment.

Supervises and directs volunteers

o  Orients volunteers upon arrival and provides training on daily responsibilities, safety protocols, and camp policies

o  Oversees volunteer work performance and ensures that volunteers follow safety protocols and the terms & conditions in the Volunteer Handbook

o  If there are no volunteers on-site, communicates with other management staff to effectively assign all camp duties

Administers and accounts for all camp funds

o  Makes deposits and withdrawals from the bank in Yaoundé and/or receives cash sent by Express Union; records all transactions in an excel spreadsheet

o  Dispenses money to management staff for a variety of camp expenses; ensures that all transactions are documented in a timely manner, with receipts whenever possible

o  Dispenses money to co-manager for salaries and taxes

o  Sends balanced spreadsheets to the Director each month, during the first week of the following month

o  Get approval from the Director for expenses out of the ordinary before dispensing funds.

Other Responsibilities

o  With Co-Manager, identifies and addresses staff performance concerns; informs, and obtains input from, the Director prior to hiring or firing staff

o  Follows Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue’s philosophy of care in all interactions with chimpanzees

o  Establishes and promotes a friendly, caring relationship with all the chimpanzees to ensure their wellbeing

o  Abides by established safety protocols at all times

Position Schedule

o  The co-manager will be onsite in Cameroon 10 months per year, with two months off per year.

o  While on-site, position is full time (exempt):

§ One day off per week (if sanctuary is sufficiently staffed by team members)

Position Requirements

o  Proficiency in spoken French and English; ability to communicate in written English  

o  Prior experience working with chimpanzees and knowledge of their behavior

o  Managerial experience, preferably in Africa

o  Work experience in Africa

o  The ability to maintain a positive attitude in a physically and mentally challenging job in a remote location with limited amenities

o  The ability to cope with limited access to telephone and internet

o  Excellent social and communication skills and the ability to live and work collaboratively alongside team members from different cultures


o  Salary TBD

o  Housing and food provided

o  Paid flights to and from Cameroon

o  Work visa fee coverage 


  • Stipend Provided
  • Housing Available


  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

Please email your CV and a cover letter to Dr. Sheri Speede at and ask for the application questionnaire. We will be accepting applications until the position is filled.