Program Development Advisor

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Times of day


Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Wood Camp, Paynesville


Purpose of the position

The PDA’s responsibility is to guarantee a high quality programme design by ensuring line management with expertise and knowledge. The PDA will provide major input in programme formulation and monitoring as well as the development of project proposals for potential donors.

Main activities

Programme quality:

·        Provide technical support to the Executive Director and the program team in the implementation, monitoring and timely reporting of ongoing projects/programs at YCWL;

·        Assists in planning, monitoring and coordinating activities of the organization including monitoring and evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of programme and project implementation.

·        Advising and supporting the programme team and the Programme Manager on the development of Programme Plans;

  • Writing, technical support, and advice in the development of project proposals and monitoring consistency between proposals and Programme Plans;
  • Writing, technical support, and advice in the development of project proposals and monitoring consistency between proposals and Programme Plans;
  • Development, support and monitoring the implementation of strategies and corresponding systems for beneficiary accountability;
  • Innovation in programme design and execution;
  • Contributes to partner capacity enhancement in programme related areas;
  • Ensuring gender and conflict sensitive project design and implementation.

·        Help develop and maintain positive working relations with a wide network of partners, including Government, development partners, parliament, media and NGOs. 

Reporting/data collection & communications

·        Work with Programme/Project coordinators and implementers to collect anecdotes, testimonies, photos, etc. from the field to generate content for website, newsletters, and other means of distribution

·        Review YCWL current communications strategies and recommend for improvement

·        Support the M&E team in monitoring the quality of internal and external reporting against internal and external standards;

·        Monthly progress reporting against activity planning;

·        Specific evaluation reports.

·        Any other reports to be determined by the Executive Director

Knowledge Management/capacity building:

·        Developing knowledge management within the organization

·        Conduct capacity assessment and staff development plan

·        Conduct basic staff development activities including short trainings in reporting, data collection, interviewing and record management techniques

Gender Desk/YCWL volunteers:

·        Review current activities of the YCWL’s gender desk and formulate plan to make the gender desk functioning and active;

·        Ensure that gender and protection are mainstreamed in YCWL’s programme’s and activities

·        Attract and manage local and international volunteers to support programme and capacity building activities


·        External contacts

Government institutions, donor institutions, media, local leaders, beneficiaries

Internal contacts

·        Management and staff;

·        YCWL Board


Relevant Skills Requirement:

Education and Experience requirements consist of a minimum of Associate Degree in any of the Social Sciences; Microsoft office applications;  

ü Minimum of Associate Degree in relevant field.

ü Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively

ü Ability to maintain expected performance in diverse contexts, potentially challenging environments.

ü Ability to work independently and in a variety of vertical/horizontal teams

ü Computer literacy including Microsoft Office software, emails, internet

ü Excellent project management skills. Ability to partner across multiple organizations and to build credibility with engineering and business teams across the division.

ü Excellent oral and written communication skills.


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

This volunteer opportunity is unpaid and volunteer is expected to pay for their own plane ticket. Feeding, accommodation, visa and work related transportation will be covered by the host organization.