Board Member- Tresurer



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


PO Box 864030
United States


Specific duties of the Treasurer

  • Serve as the chief financial officer of the non-profit. These duties include preparation of tax and financial filing documents.
  • Keep a calendar of filing requirements and assign responsibility.

File Form 990

File Form 1099-

  • Obtain an IRS Form W-9 from those providing paid services who are not the organization’s employees.

File Form 1099-MISC

  • to report payments totaling more than $600 per calendar year to such persons.

Register with charitable solicitation agencies-

  • Register, when required, with the charitable solicitation office in the organization’s home state as well as any state in which My Dog is My Home regularly fundraisers, including by email. Go to the Unified Registration Statement (URS) website for a summary of state by state requirements to determine if you must register as a charity, provide a copy of IRS Form 990, have a CPA audit or review, and whether the state accepts the streamlined URS application.

Obtain permits and Licenses-

  • Check on regulatory requirements before undertaking activities such as serving liquor at a special event, conducting a raffle, or starting a bingo night. Such laws vary from state to state.
  • Handle the organization’s funds with high standards and set a tone of integrity.
  • Receive and reconcile the bank statements, OR write checks, but not both.
  • Provide immediate, restrictive endorsement for incoming checks (preferably a bank stamp, or handwritten "For deposit only, ABC Bank, Account # 123445").
  • Deposit checks within a week, with no cash back.
  • Support outgoing checks by an approved invoice, receipt, or a voucher prepared by the volunteer staff if a receipt or invoice isn't available.
  • Identify and manage risk by safeguarding the organization’s assets, data, and personal information.
  • Confirm contributions by providing a prompt thank you letter that includes what donors need for tax purposes.
  • Track volunteer time
  • Prepare, plan, and evaluate a budgets
  • Prepare timely financial reports
  • Recruit the next treasurer



How To Apply

For more information and/or to express your interest in joining our Board of Directors, email Christine at Read more about our current team on our website.