Sustainable farming experience in China

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Time Commitment

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Growing population and increasing demand for food have led to industrial farming practices which are detrimental to both the environment and to our health. Sustainable farming is the way forward as it takes into consideration our health, the environment, local communities and animal welfare. It produces food in a way that allows for ecological balance and maintenance of biodiversity. Plants, animals and humans are all part of nature and we rely on each other to survive. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, depletion of resources and extinction of species are devastating results of our exploitation of nature. Rethinking our role in nature and our footprint on this planet is key to the survival of future generations.

The project host is an organic farm and sanctuary for many farm animals such as mules, ponies, pigs, turkeys, rabbits and dogs. This family-run farm was created with a mission to ‘reconnect urban dwellers to nature’ and ‘to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle’ through their tailor-made activities for people of all ages. Cradled by the lush forests of Wen Bi Shan, this is a land of beauty and serenity where nature, animals and people all come together in harmony.

Project aims:

• To provide a unique experiential learning opportunity to enrich knowledge of sustainable farming and animal care

• To increase awareness of the negative impact of industrial farming on our health and on the environment

• To encourage volunteers to engage with nature physically, mentally and spiritually

• To cultivate a sustainable and harmonious co-existence with plants, animals and all other members of our ‘earth community’

• To spread the principles of environmental sustainability and raise active citizenship committed to a fairer society

• To inspire future changemakers who are impactful towards sustainable farming and animal care issues

Volunteer activities:

• Farming and harvesting herbs, fruits and vegetables

• Picking and packaging herbs, fruits and vegetables

• Caring of farm animals (feeding, grooming, exercise, etc.)

• Helping with daily operation and general maintenance of the farm

• Participating in discussions on changemaking ideas and examples of sustainable farming and animal care

• Other duties assigned by the farm staff

• Identifying Chinese medicinal plants and their healing properties (optional)

• Guided meditation in nature (optional)

Special requirements: Volunteers should love working with animals and have no allergic reaction to animals. They should also be willing to eat vegan food.

Project dates: July 1 - July 9, 2018

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