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Fully flexible volunteer opportunity for a CPA.

We are a grassroots organization operating in Tanzania for the last decade, registered in Tanzania and the US. We've recently learned of Tanzanian tax requirements with which we would love support.

Jiamini is a small organization that's had an outsized impact on the lives of our students. We offer holistic support to vulnerable- but brilliant kids in Tanzania - providing scholarship funding, social support, medical care, food, and creating a custom path for each of our students to succeed in her own way. This has a ripple effect, changing the lives of our students and their immediate families, and empowering them to become young leaders in their communities. We are volunteer-run by design so 100% of all donations go directly to our programs. We don't have the budget for a CPA but sure could use the help of a trained professional. By helping Jiamini continue our operations, you'll contribute to fundamentally changing the lives of hundreds of incredible kids now- and for years to come.

We are looking for guidance to prepare for an audit, which we will pay to have done in Tanzania. We've got a detailed outline of the work that needs to be done, prepared by a Tanzanian CPA... unfortunately pro-bono isn't a common model in Tanzania. The scope includes review of payroll taxes, withholding tax, VAT, corporate tax, stamp duty, and corporate tax compliance. The Tanzanian tax code isn't especially complex so we believe a UK or US based CPA could work through this. Any volunteer could take on as much or as little as he or she wants to. 

Thank you in advance! 



How To Apply

Please email our co-founder, Katie if you are interested in contributing. Hours and time commitment are entirely up to you.

Thank you!