Elephant Village India | Care Program for Elephants



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54, Govind Nagar, East, Amber road
Jaipur India



VWI gives you the opportunity to do elephant care program in the Heritage City Jaipur, India. The program will be held in the village, near Amber Fort, which is also knows as Elephant Village where more than 100 elephants get care by their mahouts every day. Elephant Village is very close to the Royal Amber Fort. India’s first and the world’s third elephant village. Government of Rajasthan, India has allotted this place in the area of 30 hectares of land which has stable blocks for each elephants with attached housing; it has also a big man-made lake where the elephants can swim, play and gets thoroughly washed down after a day in the heat and dust. The Program has created to give care to the elephants and help their mahouts. Elephant village needs volunteers and support from local peoples to care these big beauties.

The project gives you the opportunity to get close with Indian Elephants, help elephant mahouts and give the care to the elephants as they are going to work hard for the day. Your work will be feeding the elephants, bathing them, cleaning the area, bringing water, go for a ride with any elephant, make bundles of hay and chapati for elephants in a mud stove to eat. You need to wake early as the elephant starts early to give a ride for the tourists of Amber Fort. Volunteers will work around 3 to 4 hours per day. During summers working hours will be from 5am to 8 am and in winters from 6am to 10am. Working hours has made short for the volunteers as it has founded that 4 hours of working in Elephant Village becomes hard work in a day for volunteers. If you would like to work more in this activity you can join afternoon and evening shifts.

On Weekeends you will go for sightseeings of famous places in Jaipur, India.

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