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EACO's main office is located in Ggulu, Kitete, Mukono.
Kayunga road, YMCA Lane Mukono District


To carter and support the sexually abused Girls by stopping the inhuman acts upon the mothers of tomorrow.

Due to the ancient regime where girls were looked at as a source of income, till now girls are tortured in many different ways were by it only a few people who come in to fight for their rights. These younger mothers are denied most of their rights like education, speech, worship, and even working as they are referred to as housekeepers.

In spite of all the above mentioned, the main challenge facing a girl child today is RAPE. Girls can be sexually pimped by their relatives, neighbors or even strangers. These greedy people mainly targeted the young mothers when they are going to schools, going to distant wells alone, going to gardens, sending them to their houses (teachers and neighbor) even when they have gone to collect fire wood. Those are some of the ways in which strangers get a chance to abuse the girl child while parents and relatives are not scared to do that even in their own houses. In most cases this is rampant among the fathers, uncles, big brothers, and step fathers.

The act of rape not only bring stigma physically but more the torture is experienced psychologically as in most cases girls turn out to hate every male creature due to the fact that she looks at all of them as rapists that’s the reason why majority of the victims forgo marriage as it’s taken as a sight of suffering. In most of these cases girls turn out to be infected by HIV/AIDS from the person who has sexually ill-treated her and if she is too weak to impair the person who has battered her, she turns out to be a sex work in order to taint a lot of men as away to retribution. More persecute comes in when a girl realizes at she is pregnant but her father or brother is conscientious for the baby. And most girls are rampantly killed in order to protected the secret and other victims re threatened not to let the rat out of the bag

It’s due to the above that EACO comes in to help the torment innocent mothers through constructing boreholes in villages of mukono so that long distances in to the bushes or forests to gather dirty water shared with wild animals though bounded by a lot of risks is minimized, supporting safe abortion to the younger mothers who may lose their lives due to the un wanted pregnancies and those who are impregnated by their close relatives like fathers and brothers, egging them go back to school with EACO hold up, teaching them mental work like making beehives, baskets bags and so on however more prominence is put on counseling. As the police does its obligation of arresting the blatant law offenders.

Due to the above is the immediate alarm to anyone who could fancy giving a hand in order to stop the inhuman acts upon the mothers of tomorrow. The door is widely open for you.


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You can contact me for more details about that project on shadiaeaco@gmail.com or skype chart eaco.uganda