Fundraising Associate



Start Date


Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


United States


What We’re Doing

At the Ubuntu Lab we are developing a new kind of public space dedicated to helping people understand people. This space will be a small neighborhood spot that combines a exhibition space dedicated to exploring issues that are in the social, cultural, and political zeitgeist, a design lab for helping people whose voice are in some way marginalized be amplified and brought into these conversations, and a cafe as a community hub to convene people in the space. For the last five years we’ve been working on the underlying foundation of this space: pedagogy, content, experience design, business models, etc. And now we are getting ready to launch.

Our Need

Over the next year we will be running a Design-a-thon, starting a quarterly Saturday academy, publishing a book, and accelerating a capital campaign for our first space. We need someone who can help find grant and pitch opportunities, co-author proposals, and champion funding opportunities to support this work. 

What You’ll Do

- Research and vet grant opportunities and philanthropists

- Assist in drafting grant proposals and pitches to philanthropists 

- Coordinate meetings and attend where appropriate

- Participate in strategic planning

- Contribute to content and design of programming

What You’ll Gain

- Expertise with donor and grant research software

- Experience writing successful grant proposals

- A track record of successful amount raised

- Experience working with our well-established and high profile fundraising lead

- Expanding your personal an professional network with our global network of leaders

- Experience working in a startup environment.

- A valuable resume line (our volunteers have parlayed their involvement into careers in diversity and inclusion, educational leadership, and consulting)

- A foot in the door when we start hiring.

Who We Are

At the Ubuntu Lab we are helping people to understand people, because when we all have that literacy we can live better lives, thrive in a diverse world, and solve the greatest challenges we face together. We were founded to help spark a Public Understanding of Humanity; to support people in developing their ability to live and work in a world that is growing exponentially more diverse and interconnected by the day. We are doing this by developing the infrastructure - the spaces, resources, and communities - needed to support learners and educators in developing each of our ability to understand themselves, others, and the society we share. Our founders have worked around the world, with some of the biggest thinkers on empathy, learning, and community as well as leading global shapers and activists to develop a model of understanding and learning framework that is inclusive and impactful. 

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How To Apply

Please send us an email with a short statement telling us why you are interested in working with us and something that woudlhelp us understand you that isn’t on your resume, as well as a link to your LinkedIn profile.