Event Photographer



Times of day


Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


515 M Street Southeast
Suite 217
District of Columbia
United States


Photographer needed to document DCFYI program events, capturing both the activity itself and also photos of as many program teens as possible as they engage in the activity and interact with others. Our ideal deliverable is mostly candid photos (although some teens will also take opportunities to pose alone or with their friends for added photos).

Volunteer photographers will ideally be available at least once every or every other month and commit to six months or more, allowing them to get comfortable with our program and known to DCFYI teens and adults.

Every month, DCFYI holds Saturday afternoon events (generally lasting a few hours) to bring together teens and adults to form a caring community and get to know each other. Relationships that start at these events lead to youth-adult matches for mentoring, host parenting, and adoption.

Activities take place indoors and out. Some are very active and others more quiet. Types of activities include playing games, bowling, cooking, attending sporting events, art projects, and scavenger hunts.

Every spring we give all DCFYI teens individual photo albums containing pictures from the previous year (as many as we have of them). Many children in foster care get very few photos of themselves so they treasure these photo albums.

Please join us to help make memories!

How To Apply


Please email Dominique@dcfyi.org.