Reforestation and environmental work in the heart of the Golden Circle, Iceland

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This project will take place in the small community of Flúðir which is located in the middle of the Golden circle in the south of Iceland. In the area you can find some of the historical places in Iceland – for example Thingvellir which is by far Iceland’s most famous historic site and one of the two places in Iceland on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Alþingi, or general assembly, first met there in AD930, and continued to do so for nearly nine centuries until 1798. Various important events in the Icelandic Sagas took place at Thingvellir, and in 1930 it was declared a National Park.Nowhere on earth is the junction between the European and American tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust as clear as in the southwest, and at Thingvellir: the plates diverge here by as much as 2 cm per year, but the gap is constantly being filled, as volcanoes have been erupting regularly throughout Iceland’s history.

But the region has other attractions as well: places of outstanding natural beauty include magnificent waterfalls, of which Gullfoss (Golden Falls) is the best known. In many geothermal areas, villages have grown up, where exotic fruits and vegetables are grown in greenhouses heated by hot springs. The best known hot spring is Geysir, from which derives the English word “geyser” for spouting hot springs: the big Geysir is surrounded by many more springs of all shapes and sizes.

A little further east are two of Iceland’s most active volcanoes. Mt. Hekla has erupted about 20 times in Icelandic history, and Mt. Katla, under the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, is almost as active. Many years have now passed since Mt. Katla last erupted, and according to geoscientists, it is overdue for another burst of activity.

The volunteers will be working with the environmental department of the community. Most of the work will consist of planting trees and taking care of the environment in the surrounding area.

Our work will also depend on the weather conditions and that’s why we have to be flexible. This is a perfect project for people who like outdoor work and challenges.

Project dates:

  • June 10 - June 20, 2018
  • June 20 - June 30, 2018

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