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Do you have professional skills you want to share with young adults or nonprofits? Hack the Hood is a nonprofit that connects young adults of color from the Bay Area with local small businesses and professionals through tech and coding programs. Read on to learn how you can support us!

About Hack the Hood’s Web Development Bootcamp and Partnership with Small Business Owners: Hack the Hood’s seasonal programs introduce participants to the fundamental skills of coding and web development, and offer career and educational development. Our upcoming summer Web Development Bootcamps will serve two cohorts of twenty 16-20-year olds in Oakland starting in early July. Program participants harness professional soft and hard skills by creating a website for their clients, local small business owners (SMBs) who lack a major online presence.

Many of these SMB clients are long-time community mom and pop shops who don’t frequently utilize technology and social media or new business owners who are still establishing themselves. With a website and social media knowledge, SMB clients can reach new customers and increase profits. See examples of SMB websites created in Hack the Hood’s Web Development Bootcamp here and here.

Volunteer Description: The photographers work closely with the Small Business Manager, Mercedes Gibson, in shooting the small business owners and/or products on site at their business. Shots vary depending on the business (i.e. product shots and/or company portraits).  These photos, also referred to as “assets,” are extremely important for both the SMB clients and the youth developers, as the photos make for a more professional and complete website. The SMB clients provide written assets, such as photo captions, business description, hours, the “about me” section, etc. After shooting the SMB clients and/or products, the photographers will process and deliver photos for the SMB clients to choose from.

We seek photographers who can offer 10-40 hours of their time. The start date is to be determined, but we will likely have high photography need in early July.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage photoshoots, post-processing, and deliver photos to SMB to choose from
  • Highlight the business and products to be used for marketing purposes for the SMB’s website
  • Treat Small Business Owners with respect and dignity

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience with portraits and product shots
  • A plus: Experience working with Small Businesses  
  • Willingness to be flexible

How To Apply


Email volunteer@hackthehood.org with your LinkedIn profile and a portfolio of your work.