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Resilience Advocacy Project
147 Prince Street
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The Resilience Advocacy Project's (RAP) programs are youth leadership and peer advocacy training programs that train young people to identify social justice issues they are passionate about, and to design and launch original Community Impact Initiatives that create positive change in their communities. As a RAP volunteer, you commit to volunteering for ten weeks, for approximately 4 hours each week. Major responsibilities are:

- Facilitating: You will be co-leading one 1.5-hour group per week in a local school or community-based organization.

- Planning: RAP provides you with a standard curriculum and resources. Your job is to make that curriculum relevant for your students! You will need to do outside research, find activities to bring the material to life, and work with your co-facilitator to plan each week’s lesson.

- Training: Before you start working as a RAP volunteer you will come to five hours of training. This will introduce you to the curriculum and to RAP’s model of doing youth work. Once you start working as a RAP facilitator, you will participate in an additional four hours of training and coaching per semester.

As a RAP volunteer you will gain:

- Group facilitation and public speaking experience: As a RAP volunteer, you will have the unique experience of facilitating a group, planning lessons, and researching contemporary social justice issues!

- The opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of young people: As a RAP volunteer, you will lead a group of young people through curriculum designed to guide them towards identifying and addressing social justice issues in their communities.

- Pro Bono and/or Internship Hours, if approved by your school: RAP staff will fill out any paperwork needed to make sure you get credit for volunteering with us!

- A deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, New York City: RAP's programs take place in all five boroughs. Gain knowledge about the city as a RAP volunteer!


Being a RAP volunteer gives you the unique opportunity to facilitate groups directly with young people from under-resourced communities around NYC. To qualify you must be a person with:

- Interest in working with young people from marginalized communities

- Evening availability! Many of our groups happen in the late afternoon and evenings

- Flexibility: Doing group work with young people can be messy and does not always go as planned. To be successful as a volunteer, you must enjoy a certain level of messiness!

- Creativity: Group facilitation is an art. The group curriculum and structure will be provided to you, and you will use your creativity to make sure the materials resonate with the group!

-100% follow through: You will need to be committed to attending each week’s group meeting, responsive to emails from RAP staff and program partners, and responsible for administering evaluations and collecting required program documentation.

Ideally, volunteers will also have:

- Experience working with young people;

- Passion for social justice; and

- Comfort traveling around New York City using public transportation.


  • Training Provided

How To Apply

Please send a resume and short description of your interest in this opportunity to Maria Santana, RAP's Program Coordinator. The deadline to apply to facilitate our fall programs is September 14, 2018.