Section Editors




New York
United States


WhoWhatWhy is looking for experienced Section Editors specializing in any of the following fields: breaking news, investigations, environment, business, deep politics, books, data, domestic issues, criminal justice, and international affairs.

Each editor position is essentially pro bono for now, but down the road, as we grow, we offer possibilities of compensation. Also, we will pay for articles of yours we publish.

If you find enough time in a given week to seriously tackle this challenge, you’ll be able to do so working remotely on your own schedule with our far-flung, diverse team.

Who We Are

Join a remarkable news organization and community that is making a difference, setting a new standard, and innovating on every front. A nonprofit that accepts no advertising, WhoWhatWhy is staffed largely with skilled volunteers dedicated to elevating public awareness and fostering a more vigorous democracy. 

To Apply

Please send us a resume and carefully reasoned, customized cover letter that shows that you have studied and thought about what we do at WhoWhatWhy. Our mission must resonate deeply with you. We will not review applications that appear to be mass submissions. You must confirm your understanding that this is a volunteer position.


  • Guide and manage a group of reporters on your beat
  • Review and refine story ideas from team members and readers
  • Edit articles for accuracy and coherence
  • Coordinate with marketing and PR teams to maximize traction for stories under your supervision


  • Proven experience as editor in your section
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, politics or related field
  • A healthy dose of skepticism toward mainstream coverage of current events
  • The ability to manage others and generate incisive, original story ideas
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • An insatiable appetite for news




  • International Volunteers