Volunteer Director of Marketing




Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


United States


General Description

Volunteer position responsible for planning and directing The National Alliance of Research Associates Programs (NARAP) marketing and public relations energies to mold and maintain a favorable public image. Ensuring that the message being sent is consistent with the overall image that has been cultivated for the company.


• Create, maintain and uphold standardized marketing practices and procedures.

• Develop annual marketing and service plan in support of organizational strategy and objectives.

• Create specific advertising and PR plans to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

• Plan marketing-related projects and manage external marketing partners and vendors. 

• Increase organizational awareness through marketing initiatives utilizing and analyzing data and estimating demand for services by identifying potential markets and devising plans to deliver appropriate message. 

• Maintain organization brand and devising brand strategies. 

• Sponsoring corporate events that will put NARAP into the industry's (and public's) focus in a favorable light. 

• Writing and distributing press releases. 

• Responsible for researching trends in the economy or political sphere that may affect NARAP and making recommendations to position the company in relation to these changes.

• In charge of fielding media questions and responding to queries from the public.

• Develop relationships with those members of the media that cover NARAP, as well as the audiences NARAP wants to address.

• Lead in the development and implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns and materials.

• Actively promote NARAP through all forms of media and press.

• Ensure marketing communications are coordinated, support marketing plan objectives and meet organizational expenditure requirements. 

• Provide marketing leadership in the development of joint ventures, affiliations and partnership arrangements. 

• Provide leadership and support for the design, development and implementation of marketing products and services. 

• Oversee and direct market research, competitor analyses and customer service and retention monitoring processes and initiatives. 

• Build, develop and manage Marketing and Corporate Research Team to carry out needed marketing and service strategies. 

• Manage marketing services department, including development and distribution of all marketing materials.

Skills and Experience

• Executive leadership skills 

• Ability to interact with executives

• Ability to manage complex 

• Competent writer and communicator

• Social media expertise 

• Organized and motivated


A Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree in Marketing and/or Communications with comparable work experience leading a for-profit or not-for-profit marketing organization. 

NARAP is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to the belief that each individual 

is entitled to equal employment opportunity.



How To Apply


Please reply with current resume.