Housing Lead

  • Volunteer Opportunity posted by PRERNA



Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


1400 Coleman Avenue
Suite A21
Santa Clara
United States


About Us

PRERNA is a non-profit humanitarian organization that empowers refugees with

opportunities to rebuild sustainable lives in the United States. We help refugees across all

ethnicities and faiths become independent with continuum care. Our services include

housing, supplies, healthcare, education, employment and cultural assimilation. We are

located in Santa Clara County, California.


PRERNA relies heavily on volunteers who donate their time and talent. To scale up the

services and support we provide to refugee families, we are seeking a Housing Lead to

create and build a team to support the ongoing needs of newly arrived refugee families. This

is a very crucial role in helping them find a safe home and start resettling in a new country.


• Create, build and maintain a housing team of volunteers, and map the skillsets of the

different members to work in a combination of roles between internal and external


• Collaborate effectively with PRERNA team leads on housing requirements, scheduling,

planning and execution to meet refugee family requirements in a timely manner.

• Strategize with housing partnerships such as landlords, realtors and county housing

officers, and develop other creative options for supplementing housing efforts as

refugee resettlement upon arrival is very critical.

• Understand and help adult refugees become financially prepared to contribute as

sustainable rent income is crucial to their overall well-being.

• Help refugee families with lease agreements and understand their ongoing needs as

they restart their lives in the U.S.


• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and details simultaneously

• Highly motivated, strategic thinker, self-direction, tact and diplomatic skills

• Clear, courteous and professional manner when working with the public

• Strong oral and written communication skills

• Ability to collaborate with internal staff and partners outside of PRERNA


• Weekly meetings with team leaders

• Can work virtually, but needs to be available in Santa Clara and Alameda counties

• Flexible hours, Requires approximately 16-20 hours a week to meet refugee needs

• Minimum volunteer assignment of six months




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  • Families
  • International Volunteers