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South Africa


Live among some of Africa's spectacular wildlife while working on a team expedition to complete projects that better life on the sanctuary! See the immediate benefits of your volunteer work while getting up close and personal with the zebras, cheetahs, elephants, and many more that have found a safe haven on the sanctuary.

About the Project

The sanctuary serves to provide a safe haven for orphaned or injured animals that would otherwise not face a future of survival. Most of the animals in the park have been tamed and because of this cannot be part of a reintroduction program. This allows volunteers to get up close and personal with the animals, providing a unique hands-on experience. The sanctuary is host to numerous characters to spend your time getting acquainted with from Roxy the Hyena or Jack the Zebra to one of the fantastic elephant trainers; participants in this project will live and learn amongst some of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife.

Volunteer Work and Contribution

The project requires an all around commitment from volunteers. Volunteers will split their time between working to complete ongoing construction and maintenance projects, while also getting one-on-one interaction in caring for the animals on the sanctuary. There is the option for volunteers to focus on a particular species or move around between the spectacular wildlife that inhabits the refuge. Volunteers will consistently work alongside staff to gain hands-on experience with the animals, including elephant walks or bonding sessions with the cheetah. This is a rewarding experience as volunteers will get the opportunity to challenge themselves physically while also being innovative with new ways to contribute to the sanctuary.

Volunteers will also participate in ongoing maintenance projects around the sanctuary such as building a vulture kitchen, fire breaks, enclosure construction, and other general maintenance tasks.

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