Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary Volunteer



Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)




The Project is dedicated to helping Cambodia's domestic elephant population and conserving their habitat. The project primarily works with the tribal Bunong peoples to help them, help their elephants. The end goal is the improvement of the welfare and living conditions of the elephants and to provide a sustainable income for the Mahouts (elephant keepers) and their families.

The project promotes the development of a new legal classification of forest - Elephant Forest - forest that is primarily for the use of a village's domestic elephants. These managed forests will be of a suitable area, contain enough foodstuffs, forest cover and sufficient water to cope with the needs of a village's domestic elephant population and give the elephants daily time away from human activity.

The project provides an alternative lifestyle for the domesticated working elephants closer to their natural living conditions in the forest. The elephant keepers are provided with an alternative income and the elephants are provided with veterinary care and no longer work long hours.

Volunteers work a 5 day week. You will work closely with the Mahouts who always accompany the elephants. Each volunteer will be assigned their own elephant for the duration of their stay, unless volunteers are traveling as a couple.

Volunteer duties include:

  • Learning about the project and the elephants.
  • Learning how to control the elephant.
  • Early morning walk to collect the elephants from their overnight location in the forest.
  • Walking the elephants into the forest to forage and ensure that nobody encroaches on the protected land to illegally log the trees.
  • Bathing and cleaning the elephants.
  • Collecting rare orchids from recently logged areas before the land is burnt and the orchids are lost.
  • Working with the local Bunong staff to improve the living conditions of the elephants.

Saturday and Sunday are free time which can be used to further explore the forest and it's amazing variety of creatures. Visits to the town can be made to explore the local markets in the town of Sen Monoron. Many waterfalls are close by some being amongst the largest in Cambodia.

The elephants of Cambodia need help, there is little education on the care of domesticated elephants and few possibilities of veterinary assistance when required. The project provides vital jobs for the local population and care for their elephants. Modulkiri is being rapidly deforested and the project protects an area of "elephant forest" for the local population and the creatures that inhabit the area.

Why Globalteer?

As a UK registered charity, Globalteer is different than many other organisations who connect volunteers with delete projects around the world, as we are 100% not-for-profit, so the more money we raise, the more we can invest in helping the delete projects we work with.

By volunteering with us you will be helping established projects with long-term goals to bring practical and achievable solutions. All the projects we work with have been chosen by Globalteer because they are answering a genuine need, and are working towards making asustainable difference in their local community.

Because our projects have clear objectives and a demand for volunteers to help achieve these objectives, there will always be work for you to do - every volunteer has a vital role to play during their placement.

Where your money goes

The placement fee that we ask for not only covers the costs of organising your placement, but unlike most other organisations, a donation is always made directly to the project on behalf of each volunteer – no matter how short the placement. So not only will you be helping the elephants while volunteering, but your donation will support the welfare of the elephants and the sanctuary's long-term objectives in the years to come!

We don't charge a registration or application fee, and you are required to pay nothing until you are accepted and ready to commit to your placement. More than that, we clearly list everything that is included in your placement on our website, which as a minimum includes accommodation, transfer on arrival, in-country support, letter of reference (if requested) and orientation.

As a charity, we are legally required to ensure that all money we receive is used to achieve our charitable objectives, so you can be sure that every dollar donated by you will go towards a good cause!

Fee Required


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

To apply or learn more, go to our Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary page. This page has everything you need to know about this exciting volunteering opportunity!