Volunteer in a Center for people with intellectual disability - Belgium

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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)




Care, support and social inclusion for people with intellectual disability

3 to 12 months

The project is organised with a Center for people with intellectual disability, which consists of three houses and one day center welcoming people with a light to moderate intellectual disability. They offer supportive family environment to people who are supervised by professionals and volunteers.

During the day, the majority of the clients work in sheltered workshops, others go to the day center. The Center's mission is to create, manage and run activities and places for living and working for its clients, in order to ensure social integration and quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities.

The diversity of social contacts is beneficial for the residents. That is why we want to enrich their lives and strengthen community spirit by welcoming international volunteers for a period of 3 to 12 months, who must have the desire to live every day with people with disabilities in a family-like, friendly and supportive environment.

This project is seen as an opportunity to welcome dynamic and self-willed international volunteers, to pursue the objective of welcoming people with intellectual disability in our society. Living with these people is a humanly rich and intense life experience. Accompanying them daily brings us simplicity and authenticity and by mixing with them, we learn to accept everyone as a unique person, rich with his/her own differences. For the volunteers, this community life project is a unique opportunity to broaden their mind, to gain experience in social work and civic engagement. Volunteers will take an important place in the houses and we wish to put in place all that is necessary for a positive experience and fruitful exchange.

Profile of the volunteer: The volunteer must be between 18 and 35 years of age, highly motivated and having the maturity needed to face daily life with disabled people. Prior knowledge of French is essential in order to be able to communicate with the residents. The houses need volunteers who are dynamic, motivated, keen to learn and to take initiative, able to question themselves, and to accept instructions from the staff. You also need to be aware that for several months you will be living with people whose daily life is totally different from yours. Be ready to learn about mental disability, autism, psychosis and other syndromes. The volunteer will have the opportunity to attend French classes on site if interested.

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A motivation letter and a resume should be sent along with the application form.

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