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AIRD/GTZ Compound


Who are we?

Help Community Initiatives (HCI) is a local national non-governmental organization whose mission is to bring together initiatives and resources set forth by different stakeholders in the fight against poverty and injustice.


HCI is committed to mobilizing, coordinating and directing resources to help communities do away or minimize the magnitude of poverty and sufferings that affects the wellbeing of individuals and the community as a whole.


Our Volunteering Opportunities

HCI capitalizes on the role of human capital in attaining its goals, same as every nation does in order to attain real development. At HCI, every effort contributed by every person is heartfully appreciated.


We are now inviting applications for volunteer roles from qualified young graduates to work for HCI. Preferred qualifications are in the field of Agriculture, Development Studies, Environmental Health, Technical and Livelihood Education (cloth making technology, masonry, electrical works, plumbing, and metal works), Physical Education and Social Works.

What will Volunteers do?

The volunteers will work as a team in:-

1)   Supporting in formation and promotion of youth and women rural rooted livelihood and business enterprises, as well as propose innovative approaches in promoting rural rooted technologies.

2)   Supporting in project development and designing by bringing in innovative ideas (sector-specific aspects)

3)   Promoting physical and environmental education by organizing and running training sessions and competitions

4)   Provide technical assistance to women and youth-led enterprises through working with micro, small and medium enterprises, environmental clubs and other intermediaries in prioritized sectors.

5)   Liaising with sector-specific stakeholders on current and burning issues and working on the action points for the benefits of beneficiaries.

6)   Develop software, create and maintain organization databases, update web resources and maintaining network and computing systems.  

7)   Develop plans to prevent, control, or fix environmental problems like air pollution, deforestation, etc., and promotion of clean energy in our societies.

8)   Any other activity as assigned or instructed by supervisor.


Our Offer:

This is a volunteer role. The office will only offer:-

i.             Office space with basic furniture to work on.

ii.           Activity-specific materials and stationeries.

iii.          Communication support for liaison with other stakeholders.

iv.          Platform for learning (including preparation of African foods, culture and traditions, and tour to Tanzanian tourist hotspots)


Our preference:

Preference will be given to applicants who are able to meet their own costs before, during and after the deployment to Tanzania, including but not limited to visa cost, vaccination and medical costs, air tickets, airport transfers, accommodation, tour activities-related costs and any other related personal upkeep costs. The office helps in coordinating and arranging such services at the national and field levels.


Other Competencies/Attributes:

  • Computer literacy is essential
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, proven networking, team-building, organizational and communication skills
  • Understanding of the country’s social-economic situation (policies) is a credit.
  • Innovative, flexible, disciplined, goal-oriented and willing to learn.
  • Gender and cultural sensitivity is a must


  • Training Provided
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • International Volunteers