Volunteer Literacy Coach



Times of day

Weekday Afternoons

Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


1430 W. Susquehanna Ave.
United States


Description of Position

Become a mentor and guide at Tree House Books' Literacy Studio by connecting students to the world of books, texts and words, ages 7-12. At the Literacy Studio, we focus on language acquisition, recreational reading, critical thinking and creative writing, through 12-week cycles on selected themes. Most importantly, Literacy Coaches make books fun and relevant to the most reluctant readers and encourage esteem and self-regard through writing.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Participate in volunteer training
  • Remain focused on Tree House Books’ mission of growing and sustaining a community of readers, writers and thinkers
  • Prepare materials and set up projects before students arrive
  • Take direction from Program Managers
  • Assist with Literacy Studio Activities, Literacy Workshops, and other programming as specified in training
  • Remain flexible to changes in Literacy Studio curriculum and activity plans
  • Problem solve conflicts and effectively communicate teamwork strategies to the Tree House Kids
  • Provide Feedback on Book Camp Programming
  • Fill out end of day summaries that reflect on your performance as well as quality of the day’s program
  • Maintain and organize student data portfolios
  • Remain an upstanding role model to Tree House Kids through encouraging hard work, ambition and love of reading

Details & Dates

Literacy Studio is Monday- Thursday, 3-6pm. Applicants may select at least one day a week to volunteer, although 2+ days are preferred.

Applications can indicate which timeslots they would like to participate in on their application.

All Tree House Books Volunteers must be able to obtain and submit the following clearances by the date of their first scheduled volunteer shift:

  • FBI Cogent Fingerprints
  • Child Abuse Clearances
  • Criminal Background Checks

We welcome

International Volunteers

How To Apply