Orphanage Volunteering In Kenya



Times of day

Weekday Mornings

Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Joseph Kangethe Road
Nairobi County



Cheryls Home exists to provide a compassionate response to:

    1.The plight of vulnerable children.

   2.The needs of abandoned or orphaned babies

       ( without families) with priority given to those

       who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

   3. Providing children’s spiritual, educational,

        medical and health welfare generally and specifically.


The Home seeks to identify and bring babies and children into residential or community care programmes in order to provide them with a compassionate remedy to their spiritual, physical, emotional, emotional, economical, sociological needs

The orphanage was started to rescue children whose parents died of HIV or abandoned by their parents while other children just come from very poor backgrounds. The orphanage has a lot of activities and placing you here will be a good opportunity to show love to these kids and also m. The orphanage main mission is to help the children get basic needs e.g Food,Shelter,Clothing and Love. Some children either return to their biological families, who claim them, or have for medical reasons remained in one of the Trust’slong-term family homes.The new life trust also opens an opportunity for adoption of babies.




  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


You will be staying in a very safe volunteer host family .

 Service include breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week and you are free to come and go as they please, but must respect the routine and house rules of the house.

Generally, you will be sharing a room with 1 volunteers.or a family member or alone.

All Host families are near the projects and we normally make sure that it’s a walking distance from the host to the project.Our host families are accommodative and are very safe.

House Rules

  • No consuming alcohol at the premises
  • No bringing other friends without permission
  • You should let the host know if you will be late out in the evening.
  •  No use of any drugs in the host family rooms.
  • You will respect other volunteers and the host family members.
  • You will respect local culture
  • If a volunteer changes host family without consulting the country coordinator,will automatically terminate the contract and therefore will not be allowed to volunteer anymore.



We serve simple food like

Breakfast – Tea/bread sometimes and egg/pancakes

Lunch – Rice and stew, ugali and green vegetables.

Dinner – Chapati and stew of red beans of beef and the fruit in



There is a caretaker to wash your laundry at only at 5 dollars per week.

project. During the stay in the coordinators accommodation a bit of Orientation is done here.

 Bus Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is 30 mins drive from the host family.

Volunteers will be picked by our coordinator to the accommodation. The volunteers spend one night at the coordinators accommodation the following day they are taken to the services are available about 5 minutes from the house.

There are Cyber Cafes all around for you to browse.One can buy sim card and buy internate,or pay for the wifi in the host family.

There are shopping malls around and so you can get ATM services and buy anything you want.

Nairobi is the city of Kenya and holds a huge population from different tribes. Kenya has 42 tribes and the same ethnic laguages.All the 42 tribes come to Nairobi to look for jobs, do business, and also get academics besides others and this is because is the centre for many things.

Nairobi has very best attractions for both international and local tourists.

In Nairobi there is the biggest national park in the city,in other words,the only national park in the capital city in the whole world-Nairobi national park ,which has a variety of wildlife.

-In Nairobi we have other places for a days trips –Girraffe Centre, Snake park,Elephat orphanage, Mamba village [crocodile],national museums of Kenya,Bomas of Kenya [cultural dancers] and other may parks in the city.Its a city which is cool next to Ngong forest with warm and sometimes cool climate.

Volunteers can opt to visit all these areas and also generaly,in Kenya we are the best tourist destination in Africa with a lot of historic sites where you can spend more than 2 days safari.


-Mombasa coastal beaches,

-Masai mara national park,

-Amboseli national park,

-Tsavo national park,

And many other best places.

All these are places which attracts a lot of people in Kenya and volunteers can choose to visit these places after volunteering period or before ,or during weekends when they are free.