Mangrove reforestation in Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam

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Can Gio Mangrove Reserve


Can Gio Mangrove Reserve is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve and one of the most important wetland conservation sites in the country. It covers 75,740 hectares and is dominated by mangroves, including both salt water and brackish water species. Can Gio has a high biodiversity with more than 200 species of fauna and 52 species of flora. The site is an important wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam as it is characterized by a wetland biosystem dominated by mangrove and many rare species. Today, it has become one of the most extensive sites of rehabilitated mangroves in the world. One of the main advantages of the biosphere reserve is that it provides the opportunity to work on environmental protection on a continuum of habitats, ranging from the sea to the boundary of Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest industrial city in Vietnam. The mangrove forest is regarded as the “green lungs” of the city.

The aim of this project is to reforest unproductive land within Can Gio Biosphere Reserve that has little remaining original vegetation on it. Existing trees will remain but new native trees will be planted. Volunteers will join the efforts to regenerate the area, bring back a forest, and restore its biodiversity.

Duration of the project: 2-3 weeks or 1-12 months

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