Teaching English community classes in Vietnam

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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Ho Chi Minh City


Many different wards in different districts of Ho Chi Minh City have community classes that can help poorer families who struggle to pay for school fees for their children. Local officials select the children who attend these classes. Volunteers in this project will work at the community class in Ward 9 of Phu Nhuan District. It offers free education to local children who are 90% living in the nearby area (Ward 9). Originally, they come to the class when their families are too poor to send them to any public school or there may be no one to look after them at all. Although they are not living in an orphanage, many of them don’t receive proper care from their families due to the poverty and various complicated backgrounds, some of them even orphans. There are currently 20 disadvantaged boys and girls studying at this class, though not all of them study English. The class only offers children the primary education, focusing on literacy and numeracy. Children have only started to learn English since teaching volunteers joined the program in 2009. Now children also have the chance to study vocational skills, such as making handmade stuffs to get better income by themselves, study computing and other skills.

Volunteers will be responsible for taking control of the English class. Volunteers will work as the sole teacher in the class. You will be required to make a teaching plan with lesson plans using the learning materials provided to ensure continuity in learning from the teachers before and after you. Although most of the students have studied English in the past, it is unlikely they know how to speak and listen properly. Due to this, volunteer’s work should be concentrated on helping students with speaking and listening. However, developing writing skill is also essential for the younger students in class. Remember to be their friend too. They have been through a lot and having fun with them through games and similar exercises will make it much more rewarding for them and for you. With permission from the principle of the school, volunteers may also arrange their own activities for the children to join and have fun together. The timetable will be given on arrival with volunteers working schedule from Monday to Friday and working hours from 09:00am to 10:45am. Volunteers will work around 4 - 7 hours per week at the class and will use the rest of their time between other projects and classes that require voluntary assistance.

There are currently two classes Class 1: 8 students (from 10 -13 years old): Basic English Level The students are very active and cheeky sometimes, they like learning English through playing games and being involved in different activities. Class 2: 8 students (from 6 – 7 years old): Beginner They are still small and it is good to help them pronounce correctly individual basic English words. Speaking slowly and repeating sometimes will be helpful for this group. They like coloring pictures and playing simple games.

Volunteers must show eagerness, the ability to maintain motivation and reliability, creativity and initiative when planning and running classes. Most importantly, volunteers need to have confidence in the classroom and time management skills to ensure an effective lesson.

Duration of the project: 1-12 months

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