Volunteer Mentor



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


United States


Consider mentoring with our program!

We are in need of community members to mentor individuals incarcerated at the county jail and those recently released.

The role of a mentor is to develop relationships of trust and respect with the mentees and provide consistent guidance and support.

There are over 2.2 million people in our jails and prisons. The majority of people housed in jails will be released. Between 60% – 70% of released individuals will reoffend within 3 years. One of the factors that decreases the chance of people reoffending is supportive relationships.

The mentees and mentors who have gone through our program have deeply benefited from the relationship.

While mentees are regularly being matched, there are many others who are waiting and hoping to be matched with a mentor.

We need more mentors! Consider volunteering with our program today!

Mentor Requirements:

  • Be good listeners and interested in helping others
  • Commit to mentoring for 6-12 months
  • Meet with Mentee 3-4 times each month
  • Attend Mentor and Security trainings yearly
  • Turn in forms and reports
  • When Mentee is released, continue mentoring in the community


  • Training Provided