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Times of day


Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


1629 K St NW, Suite 300
United States


Media (anybody who has passion,no age limit, not limited to professional) (Full time or part time) 1.Reporters to interview and write articles

Meet disabled people 

Let disabled people talk about their stories

Record your interview 

Write articles based on the interview (report)

Send the article (report) to Appreciate Charity Inc. to be published at our website and social media 

2. Video maker

Meet disabled people 

Let disabled people talk about their stories

Or video tape the activities you are interested in (be creative)

Get permission from all the people in your video to publish after you take the video.

Send the video to Appreciate Charity Inc. to be published at our website and social media

3. Photographer 

Be creative 

Take photos according to your interest

Write stories about your photos 

Get permission by the people in the photos to publish. 

Send your photos to Appreciate Charity Inc to be published at our website and social media 

4. Looking for articles, video or photos

must be real or documentary. Your photos or videos might be chosen to be “ The best of the year”. 

Get permission from the people in your media to publish 

Send to Appreciate Charity Inc to be published. 

We are looking for documentary pictures and videos from ordinary life



We welcome



International Volunteers

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Mission: to help disabled people recover and thrive. Our support can help make the difference between despair and hope, and can truly make a lifelong impact on those we help.

About : Appreciate Charity Inc. was founded in June 2017 to help disabled people and is a 501C3 registered non-profit charity organization. Public Charity Status: 170 (b)(1) (A) (vi). 

From the founder: "After I became disabled, I went through the pain of unemployment, homelessness, financial crisis, discrimination, bullying and abuse. Even under those influences, I was helped in recovery, and gradually improved . 

Those who helped me were my angels when I felt hopeless and helpless, they saved my life , they were like sunshine that brought me out of darkness. I appreciate all those people that I have known, the government, and all those unknown from the bottom of my heart. 

The word "Appreciate" in Appreciate Charity Inc. calls to thank those who helped me on my path. Now I am trying to help other disabled people just like those who helped me. I want to make change in a positive way by expressing appreciation to those who helped disabled people. We believe many people will be on our appreciation list. We also developed a program to interview those who helped disabled people. 

Join us !! Be positive!!

Goals: As a new organization, we have several goals to achieve in order to carry out our mission. We believe that with the support of individuals, businesses, and the communities , we can make an impactful and positive change. 

Visit for detail