EAC:Chance to Advance Seeks Volunteers to Mentor Youth



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


New York
United States


Chance to Advance seeks volunteers to become mentors for youth in foster care, a group home setting or have been adopted. Volunteers will be trained prior to being matched with a mentee as well as receive the support needed throughout the one year match. Mentors will be paired with one youth within a 20 minute radius from their house. Mentors function as both someone who can listen to their mentee's concerns, serve as a consistent part in their mentee's lives while they may be going through some instability due to their specific situation but ultimately be their friend. We have found that mentors feel a great sense of personal fulfillment as they see their mentee grow and actually maintain the bond they have created well after their term with Chance to Advance.

Mentors report that they have experienced personal development, learned new skills and even suppressed negative feelings of their own while enrolled as a mentor. Our application process helps get a better picture as to who would make a better match and we consider both mentee's and mentor's opinions to ensure sustainable and suitable matches. Our mentors usually find time to satisfy the required 4 hours per month during the evening or on weekends . We offer enough flexibility that this 4 hours can be spent all at once or can be spread out into shorter meeting times if both parties find that to be best for them. Mentors and Mentees build a bond that is like no other while they learn, grow and most importantly have fun with each other!

Must be at least 18 years old

Must have valid Driver's License




  • Training Provided

How To Apply


Please send an email of interest to Demishia.owens@eac-network.org.