Revitalization of the colonial and pre-colonial heritage of Peru

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The neighborhood of Rimac, at the time of colonial Lima, used to be the part of the town where the Spanish nobles had their luxurious residences. That changed with the time, and nowadays the hyped Miraflores and Barranco districts house the high and middle class of Lima, while Rimac has been deserted. The ancient colonial and pre-colonial heritage has been for long neglected, but now the municipality has decided to change this in collaboration with volunteers.

The project for valorization and conservation of the historical center of Rimac is part of the World Heritage Volunteering Initiative. The Municipality of Rimac welcomes volunteers willing to help in the process of rehabilitation of the district by re-purposing of the Backus factory, cleaning the Huaca la Florida archeological site and mobilization of the community around Trujillo street. The project also aims to sensitize the population of the district to the importance of the cultural heritage conservation through adaptive reuse of historical sites in the city center.

The volunteers, under the supervision of a technical leader, will clean, paint and furnish the last floor of the ancient Backus factory, in order to allow the Rimac social center to use it for cultural and educational activities.

The group will clean the Huaca la Florida archeological site, in order to open the ancient temple ruins to the public. They will also organize an activity to raise awareness on the importance of the site, targeting the local population.

Supported by a local association, the volunteers will organize a street event in order to requalify the urban space of Jiron Trujillo, an ancient street with high tourist potential, by involving the local residents.

The participants will also prepare and implement some presentations in the Rimac schools aiming to sensitize the students to the importance of local heritage and its preservation and valorization.

Project dates: July 8 - July 29, 2018

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