Volunteering in the Ecuadorian Amazon

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)




Live with the indigenous people of the Amazon and support their development projects

3 weeks to 12 months

In the Amazon, there are communities and ecological reserves which are protected by the natives, where volunteers can help with reforestation, agriculture, environmental protection and community tasks. This program is dedicated to true nature lovers who want to experience an eco-adventure and who would be willing to adapt to the modest accommodation offered by these communities.The volunteers have the opportunity to learn about the jungle through the “Jungle school” where they will learn how to catch birds or other forest animals in a survival situation, will learn to fish, will travel by canoe, will prepare food from the jungle, will take part in night hikes through the jungle, will learn about medicinal plant cultivation. When there is the opportunity, the volunteers can help in the communities or in the Indian Reserves in the construction of houses, cleaning of roads, in the construction of latrines, and other development projects in benefit of the communities.

During the scholar year (from September to June), the volunteers could assist in the school located in the nearest town, teaching two hours of basic English lessons to the kids.

Knowledge of Spanish language is necessary to communicate with the natives because although the community native language is Kichwa, Shuar, and Ashuar, they also understand Spanish.

The program is running all year round. Minimum time for volunteering is 3 weeks, up to 12 months.

The project takes place in the Amazon near to one of the Shuar communities. This is a very beautiful natural area, an ideal placement for volunteers who can adapt to live with very limited comfort.

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