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The Washington Wild Brewshed® Alliance is teaming up with 12 local breweries and Beers Made By Walking to host the 2018 Beers Made by Walking Series. We are searching for a volunteer who can help point out the edible and medicinal plants on trails near Seattle/ ingredients that could be used for brewing.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email volunteer@wawild.org.

Here is how it works:

Washington Wild will be working in conjunction with 12 Local Breweries to host the Seattle Beers Made by Walking event in 2018! Washington Wild has a program named the Brewshed Alliance. We work with over 50 breweries in Washington State to raise funds and spread awareness about the Brewshed Connection: Clean water equals superior downstream beer.

Beers Made by Walking (BMBW) is a program that invites brewers to make beer inspired by nature hikes and urban walks. Each walk is different, each beer is a portrait of that landscape. The brewers that go on the hikes send their beers to an event in October where tickets will be made available to the public to taste all the brews that come out of the hikes! All proceeds benefit Washington Wild.

Beers Made By Walking is a program that invites brewers to go on nature hikes, and urban walks, and make new beer inspired by the edible and medicinal plants from the trail. There will be a series of hikes from May to August. Brewers must attend at least one and the hikes are also open to a certain number of people from the public. We are searching for a volunteer who can help point out the edible and medicinal plants on the trail/ ingredients that could be used for brewing. Two staff members will be present to actually lead the hike and manage logistics.

Whether you are interested in leading just one hike or a couple, we'd love to have your help!

Please reach out if you are interested in helping with at least one hike! We will work in conjunction with volunteers to finalize dates, times, and hikes.

We need volunteer naturalists to make this event possible. Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Help with at least one hike in the series. Attend the hike and point out edible flora and ingredients that could be used in brewing.
  • Be knowledgable about plant life in the area of the hike or prepare beforehand adequately.
  • Work with Washington Wild Staff to coordinate dates/ times/ and locations for the hikes you want to volunteer on.
  • Talk to patrons and brewers and answer questions about the series and flora while on the hike.
  • Keep staff informed of any problems.

About the Organization

Since 1979, Washington Wild has played an invaluable role in permanently protecting nearly three million acres of Wilderness throughout Washington State. We bring people together in the vigorous defense of our remaining wild forests, waters, and wildlife. By educating, empowering, and mobilizing our communities, Washington Wild builds powerful grassroots networks that help protect wild lands and waters throughout the state.

The Brewshed® Alliance is an outreach initiative designed to highlight the overlapping interests between the conservation and beer communities. As water flows through a landscape it picks up natural minerals that give it a distinct local flavor; however, it can also pick up pollutants that can be difficult to remove and/or damaging to the downstream beer. Protecting wild waters also protects superior downstream beer – that is what we call the Brewshed Connection.

We work with nearly 40 different Brewshed Partners throughout the state to co-host events helping raise both funds and awareness for Washington Wild's statewide conservation work.

For more about Washington Wild & The Brewshed® Alliance visit www.wawild.org.

How To Apply


If you are interested in this opportunity please email volunteer@wawild.org.