Crowdfunding Leadership



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Los Angeles
United States


Hello! Our Backyard Homes is a start-up nonprofit designed to help solve the housing crisis in Los Angeles. We're looking for a volunteer to help dig deep with us on crowdfunding strategy to support our organization's mission.

A little background on us: The centerpiece of our organization is our patented portable tiny house and a program to house homeless college students on backyards of folks in the city. To raise awareness for our solutions, we're spearheading an unusual but eye-catching project, which we call the Tiny (Toilet) Home Project, building a tiny house out of a wheelchair-accessible porta potty shell (recently seen on Upworthy). The porta-home is a prototype for future such units, helping publicize urban tiny living as a solution for those hardest hit by the city's housing crisis. (More:

We are in need of help coordinating key elements of a crowdfunding campaign. We have a strong, capable team but need a crowdfunding expert to take our efforts to the next level. We have a current Kickstarter campaign who's strategy fell short, but has very strong components like video, structure, and targeted industry outreach. A committed, skilled, and passionate leader could have a strong and immediate impact.

Volunteers have experience putting together campaigns for startups or nonprofits. Please share a passion for affordable housing, poverty, human rights, urban planning, local issues and/or tiny living. Thank you for considering and please click "APPLY" for info!



How To Apply

Please email Matt at with a resume and letter of interest