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The Amazon rainforest is home to more than half of the world’s 10 million species of plants, animals and insects, and one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, with more than 20% of the world’s oxygen being produced here. Today, the Amazon faces deforestation at an alarming rate and if this trend continues it could be wiped out by the end of this century. We are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species everyday due to deforestation; that equates to 50,000 species a year!

This project is spearheading conservation in a unique Amazon region of Peru. Working in partnership with leading international universities, through education and local community engagement, we aim to carry out research and provide volunteer support to help with the capacity building of the local rainforest community. By promoting a truly integrated environmental and community focussed approach we hope that this model for sustainability will lead by example and ultimately help other communities throughout South and Central America protect the rainforest as a valuable resource.


The aim of the Frontier-Peru Amazon Rainforest Conservation programme is to promote conservation and sustainable practices with the help of international volunteers. Our volunteers provide the much needed hands-on support to the research project to gather baseline data that will help us develop a management plan that incorporates environmental objectives with local community needs and socio-economic factors to offer practical solutions. By capacity building within local rainforest communities we can support the growth of the local economy in a way that is positive to its surrounding natural resources.

In time we hope to use our international connections to link sustainable communities and producers (agriculture/timber/tourism/conservation) with a network of responsible organisations to create a common objective of sustainability in the chain of supply and demand.

We also aim to integrate sustainability at grassroots level through education by working with the local children at schools and other awareness raising initiatives. This coupled with the continued financial support that ecotourism can bring and by promoting the project achievements and successes we hope this can be a model that similar communities throughout the continent can aspire to.

Volunteering here means total immersion into the rainforest, as we work to connect you with a deeper understanding of conservation, climate change and poverty. Ultimately we seek to transform the way you think about the world and inspire a long term passion for the rainforest.


As a volunteer you will be assisting the research staff on the project in a variety of ways, getting involved in many practical tasks and surveys. You can expect to be included on projects including camera checks, biomass project, butterfly traps, tree phenology, agroforestry projects and night transects. You will also take part in some fantastic community work helping to educate local people about sustainable uses of the forest and empowering the community by developing sustainable livelihoods. After work there is time to relax with movie nights, play games, sporting activities and go swimming.

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