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ETC is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to promoting world peace and understanding through intercultural education and student exchange. ETC accepts highly qualified and carefully screened students from over 20 countries around the world. All of our exchange students arrive with thier own spending money, insurace, speak English and attend your local high school. A host family does not need to have children living in the home. Share the love and host an exchange student for either 5 or 10 months. ETC is dedicated to promoting world peace through developing, sponsoring and bringing together foreign teens with volunteer American host families.

For that reason, we are seeking host families and community representatives to assist us in this mission. Our philosophy is to promote international goodwill and understanding through international student exchange experiences. It is our belief that participation in hosting will foster a significant understanding of the values and attitudes of foreign cultures, while at the same time exposing foreign students to the uniqueness and diversity of American life.

Our volunteer host families provide international students with a window in which to view and understand American life and culture. Students are expected to act as a member of your family. They will participate in your family's daily activities and chores, bond with their host siblings, and join in family conversations. At the same time, the students will be sharing their culture and values with their American families. Students are encouraged to bring pictures of their home country, cook their favorite meals for their host family and share holiday celebrations and traditions from their home country.




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Contact Brenda Ferland at or (480) 380-5795.

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