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Art in Tanzania supports and develops village women initiatives. The main inputs are vocational training in English, IT, entrepreneurship, women rights and related subjects. We are also developing medical services and health information sessions.


Tanzania has a large group of young mothers in the villages that have little or no education and are without financial support. Additionally, areas are often heavily populated, which complicates the strive of livelihood and provision for these Mother’s children. Most of these women lack the opportunity to reach education or means to fund and develop small businesses. Additionally, many of these women are under-empowered or unaware of their basic human rights, thus making young mothers vulnerable for abuse. 

Art in Tanzania is focusing to deliver skills for women to start their own small businesses and to create markets to their products. At the same time we educate women rights and related subjects so that women will learn their rights in problem situations. We focus to be both innovative and effective. 

We are looking for to hire multi professional students and interns to support our work. We tailor the posts according the participants focus and interests and skills. We look for to be innovative. Interns bring their ideas that we look for to implement to strengthen the fieldwork. We encourage innovation and a self-led creativity in the professional program approach.

Work with women is under-funded but Art in Tanzania has multi professional interns and volunteers. We use teamwork to create opportunities. One can teach how to start horticulture and one can look for the markets. The base effort is to increase the small business skills through educational approach and to increase awareness. We also focus to give visibility of women issues through social media for the Tanzanian general population. 

We provide in-country orientation and training and academic tutoring for the program. 

Paid internships include a local minimum wage/stipend of $100 USD per month. We also offer stipends depending on the terms of the internship and regulations of your home u

niversity. Starting and end dates are flexible and can accommodate other travel arrangements in Tanzania. International flights, Student permit, accommodation, and meals are personal costs. 

We also offer participants with disabilities personal assistants and drivers at additional expenses; $30 USD per week. 24-hour general assistance is free.​ 

You and your visiting friends can enjoy sustainable tourism, safaris, and local tour options at low cost.

To book you in and to open your personal account we need your tentative arrival and departure dates.

Contact us for more details at info@artintanzania.org, or visit us at www.artintanzania.org or SKYPE with us at infoartintanzania.


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Please fill in the application form at http://www.artintanzania.org/en/about/jobs/job-application




email to info@artintanzania.org


Please include Cover Letter, Resume/CV and unofficial study transcript. 


You can also SKYPE at infoartintanzania