Volunteer in a Center for children with special needs in Uganda

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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Central Region


This center for children with special needs was formed after the founders’ experience in raising a child with Down syndrome in Europe. The founders wish to support parents in Uganda who are struggling to cope with raising children in a similar situation. The center has a strong desire to work closely with parents, because we believe families first have to accept and appreciate these children for society to change their perception. Families need to create a conducive environment for these children to grow, for example by bringing them to public places like churches, keeping them in a hygienic and clean environment, and supporting them in their development stages like training them to use toilets, speech therapy, etc.

The center will provide both practical and technical information to address the common complications of children with Down syndrome by working in partnership with hospitals and government ministries. Our vision is to see that children with Down syndrome can realize their potential and be fully integrated into society. We will create a platform where parents can freely share their experiences in raising these children and later to be able to advocate for their rights. Our mission is to be the voice and break the silence about Down syndrome in Uganda. We strive to give hope to those who had given up on their children. We need to give the syndrome a “human face” that despite the disability, these children still remain beautiful, lovely and important to the social fabric of society.

Volunteer activities include child care, social skills training, behavioral modification, basic pre-school skills training.

Volunteer duties:

  • To offer hands-on training to parents in nutrition, speech and physiotherapy to support children in their development.
  • To provide training tools to parents that will aid their trainings at home. Like tools to stimulate the thinking of children, toys and others.
  • Physical and material support: Provide aid material like special feeding chairs, wheel chairs, feeding materials, pampers, sanitary towels to ease the care for these children.
  • Counseling and guidance: Offer Counseling and guidance services to parents who are struggling to raise children with special needs and also provide life skills techniques.
  • Information dissemination: Develop, print and distribute information, education and communication materials on care guidance for use in capacity building and behavior change.
  • Raising awareness: Awareness creation on the need to recognize children with special needs in the society and community at large, publish flyers, T-shirts for publicity and recognition of these children in society. The centre will further participate in special events like World Child Day to exhibit their activities.
  • Advocacy: Create a campaign for the involvement and inclusion of children with special needs into policy design and implementation on the topic “We need to be in school”.
  • Education: Identify and link children with special needs to appropriate schools.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Organize special events for children and their parents, for instance visiting the zoo and beaches, exchange visits and tours to enable society to recognize that such children also need activities like that.
  • Employment opportunities: Provide special training in activities that can enhance the livelihood of children with special needs so that they are better able to fend for themselves and enjoy a sense of independence.

Study theme: Care for special needs children and improving livelihood of families within the communities hosting children with special needs.

Duration of the project: 1 to 12 months. The program is running throughout the year.

More information and enrollment: http://cadip.org/volunteering-in-uganda

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