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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


Plateaux Region


Through this project, we want to create an efficient communication and exchange between students and international volunteers. The schools are full of students but the lack of teachers doesn’t guarantee sufficient instruction, so that this situation has a negative impact on the exam results at the end of the school year. The aim of the long-term project is to provide an efficient assistance to the students in their study throughout the school year: revise lessons, completed program and get involved into extracurricular activities. The volunteers are invited to bring any kind of materials and books that can be helpful in their work. We also associate this project with health awareness and education (nutrition, sleep, HIV/AIDS and STD diseases), knowledge of the body (growth, function of organs, tobacco and alcohol use). The children will discover prejudicial or beneficial health behaviours and learn to make good health behaviour and lifestyle choices, and to practice hygiene. If you want to work for the local development and for a better education for the children, and if you want to have a differet experience in Togo, do not hesitate to join us!

Five types of projects are available within this program: 1. Being part of a local volunteer team to teach French and cultural activities in Middle and High Schools; 2. Being part of a local volunteer team to teach English in Middle and High Schools; 3. Being part of a local volunteer team to teach German in Middle and High Schools; 4. Being part of a local volunteer team to teach arts (Drawing, Music, etc.) in Middle and High Schools; 5. Being part of a local volunteer team to teach Mathematics, Health Science or Physical Education in Middle and High Schools;

The inadequate staff in the communities has been the reason for initiation of this project. It is expected that the volunteers will help to improve the level of education in this region.

The volunteers will be teaching children in a secondary school which also involves taking part in extracurricular activities. The volunteers will have a training period with teachers in the school in the order to learn about the country‘s academic system. The volunteers can help teachers to prepare and organize classes according to the country's academic program. The volunteers will work 5 hours a day according to their agendas and will teach the subjects of their choice.

Special requirements: Volunteers need to be good team players, creative, willing to teach, loving children. Teaching skills, guiding and counselling skills, skills in extracurricular activities are required.

Duration of the project: 1 - 12 months. This program is running from September to July. Volunteers are expected to arrive at the beginning of the month (from 1st to 5th of the month) because of the training week session for each project.

Accommodation: The volunteers will live with a host family which is an opportunity to learn about the local community, culture and language. Volunteers are expected to be sensitive to the local culture and make an effort to integrate into the community. So the most important qualities we are looking for are enthusiasm, flexibility and willingness to experience something completely new.

Find out more about this and other volunteer opportunities in Togo at: http://cadip.org/volunteering-in-togo


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