Organizing a Village Festival in Battambang, Cambodia

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Krong Battambang
Battambang Province


This project aims to promote cultural participation and solidarity. We are going to hold a Village Festival which gathers people to celebrate at a 2-day festival. The purpose of the festival is to contribute to the fundraising for a construction project at the primary school in the village. The school fence needs renovation as it is quite old and some parts of it are falling apart.

Beside the fundraising campaign, the festival aims to celebrate the ending of the busy seasons for farmers who have been working in the rice field for over six months. It’s a gathering event for farmers and villagers to share fellowship and harmony through religious events.Aims and activities of the project:

- Before the festival:

• The volunteers will meet with the organizers and plan the shared roles for preparing for the ceremony

• Work with the local team to construct the hall and set up decoration in the field where the festival takes place

• Join the fundraising team for a visit to several villages

- During the festival:

• Join the cooking team, cleaning team, media team and entertaining team to help run the celebration

• Enjoy the festival with plenty of food, local music, dances and some local games played by children

- After the festival

• Clean up and join a thank you dinner with the villagers

Project dates: February 11 - February 20, 2019

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