Board Officer/Youth Committee Chair






We are seeking passionate, dedicated members with experience in business, non-profit, social services and/or community work to join us on our mission; to create lasting impact for youth in care!

This is an opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and experience to provide direction to our organization and support the development of our community. Together we can achieve great things!


  • Regularly attend board meetings (each member of the Board of Directors is required to attend at least three of the Board’s regular meetings each year, as well as the Annual General Meeting)
  • Be committed to actively participate in meetings
  • Complete assignments thoroughly and on time.

     Assignments may include:

·      Recruiting individuals to form a youth committee (candidates will need to be approved by the Board of Directors) 

·      Chair the youth committee

·      Representing the youth’s voice at board meetings 

  • Stay informed about NPO matters, be prepared for meetings, and review minutes and reports.
  • Get to know other board members and build a positive working relationship with your fellow members

·      Each member of the Board of Directors shall contribute by organizing at least one fundraising event for the organization annually or an in-kind donation of 200$

*note all Board members are required to pass a criminal background check

All applicants need to attend our annual general meeting on August 21st 2018, from 18:30 to 20:30 in order to finalize nominations

How To Apply

The application form is available on the website under the get involved section.

Fill application to the best of your abilities, attach your CV and email it to

Good Luck!


Future World Leader's team