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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)




This long-term project is organized in support of mentally challenged children. Volunteers are needed to lessen the impact of the lack of teachers in the schools for children with special needs in Togo. The mentally challenged children are often marginalized by the society and considered as a burden by their own family. The primary purpose of the association is to facilitate the integration of disabled children by offering academic education and vocational training taking into account the skills of each child. Therefore these centers are trying to improve conditions for the children to recover and allow them to live as independently as possible. It proved important that action be made to ensure these children have a satisfactory education and training that will ensure a better future for them.

The project is open to anyone who recognizes these special children and is devoted to their cause. The center wants to give to the children all their rights: to be fed, dressed, educated, protected, and be well treated. There are nine centres in the country that take care of these children and protect them against ill-treatment, negligence and abuse. The centres send the children to school. As the children become teenagers, they are not able to follow the general education. That’s why they are steered towards vocational training, which leads to some kind of trade: sewing, sculpture, gardening, farming, braiding, mechanics, batik, and cooking. In the holidays, all children come to the centre for their activities and games.

The volunteers will take part in the following activities: • Assisting teachers in daily work with the children • Helping educators to supervise children during the various activities. • Work with children in different workshops: modeling and making of various objects, collage and drawing, games, chat, music and dance, stories and songs, country presentations; • Organizing arts and cultural activities (volunteers who want can take dance, percussion or fashion design classes;)

Special requirements: The volunteers for this project must be able to work and communicate well with children. Experience in speech therapy, social work, physiotherapy, specialized education, psychology, teaching, farming, nursing will be appreciated, although not strictly required.

Duration of the project: 1 - 12 months. Volunteers are expected to arrive at the beginning of the month (from 1st to 5th of the month) because of the training week session for each project.

Accommodation: The volunteers will live with a host family which is an opportunity to learn about the local community, culture and language. Volunteers are expected to be sensitive to the local culture and make an effort to integrate into the community. So the most important qualities we are looking for are enthusiasm, flexibility and willingness to experience something completely new.

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