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One Guest Street
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In New England, it’s never too cold to start thinking about ice cream and summer fun! The WGBH FunFest, a day of ice cream and music, returns Saturday, July 14 from 10am-4pm at WGBH Studios in Brighton. This fun-filled community event will feature ice cream from some of your favorite local vendors and live music performances by family-friendly artists. Kids will have the chance to play carnival games, jump on moonbounces, get their faces painted, and interact with beloved PBS characters!


  • Training Provided

How To Apply


Please review all FunFest volunteer position descriptions listed below and email Volunteer & Marketing Manager, Jaime Reese, at jaime_reese@wgbh.org if you’d like to help. Please make sure to include the following information in your email response: 

·      Your full name

·      Top 3 volunteer positions in order of preference (e.g. costume character, costume handler, floater, etc.). ** If you’d like to be a costume character, please note your character preference based on size requirements provided below)

·      Preferred shift (Friday, July 13, from 2-7pm; or Saturday, July 14, 9am-1pm (staggered arrival times), 12:30-5pm, or full day)

Date: SET-UP on Friday, July 13

Set-up Volunteer: Work with WGBH Event Production Team to bring event items and supplies from inside One Guest Street to WGBH’s visitor parking lot; staple tablecloths to vendor and activity tables; and set-up signage and tarps. 

Date: EVENT DAY on Saturday, July 14

Admission (9am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Sell FunFest tickets, check names off RSVP list; collect email ticket receipts and groupons; and help with line management. 

Admission Line Hospitality (9am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Help manage admission lines. Offer free ice cream and water to those waiting in line. Distribute event maps and point guests in the right direction. 

Community Ambassador (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Run the community ambassador table during the event, encourage guests to complete a brief survey for a chance to win a WGBH prize. Must be a current WGBH Volunteer for 2+ years to qualify for this position. 

Concession Stand (9am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Make and distribute popcorn or cotton candy to event guests. 

Costume Character (9am-4:30pm): Wear a costume (see below) and interact with guests.

·      Arthur (5’4”-5’9”, average build)

·      Clifford (5’4”-5’9”, average build)

·      Curious George (5’1”-5’3”, average build)

·      Super Why (5"6" to 5'8", medium build)

·      Peg (5’0” to 5’3”, average build)

·      Cat (5’0” to 5’3”, average build)

·      Woofster (5’6” to 5’10”, medium build)

Costume Handler (9am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Assist with character preparation backstage; escort costume character around the venue; and speak on behalf of the character.

Costume Line Manager (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Oversee line for photographs with costume characters.

Exit Volunteer (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Stand by North Beacon Street exit to ensure no one enters and let guests know about exit behind the stage area. 

Face Painter (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Design simple color images on kids’ faces. **Sample drawings will be provided as examples.

Food Truck Line Manager (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Help manage food truck lines.

Food Sampler (9:45am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Distribute food and beverage samples to event guests. 

Freezer Truck Runner (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Make sure ice cream is going to the correct vendor table. **Volunteers should be able to comfortably lift 30-40 pounds if necessary.

Ice Cream Scooper (9:15am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Serve delicious ice cream (provided by our generous vendors) to hungry guests in the mood for a refreshing sweet treat on a hot summer day. 

Kids’ Carnival Games (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Provide guests with game instructions; help manage line and distribute prizes.

Kids’ Coloring Station (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Volunteers will keep the coloring area tidy; encourage kids to draw; and hang up artwork. 

Merchandise Assistant (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Provide excellent customer service to our guests as they shop for event keepsakes

Moonbounce Patrol (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Help maintain moonbounce order; group kids by age to ensure safety; manage line; and keep track of jump time to keep line moving.

Parking Volunteer (9:30am-1pm): Wave to traffic on One Guest Street; direct cars inside garage for event parking.   

Photographer (9:45am-1pm or 12:45-4:15pm): Take pictures of Main Stage performances, guests posing with costume characters or rove around event venue to capture various FunFest activities. **Photographers, please send samples of your work to be considered.

Photographer Assistant (9:45am-1pm or 12:45-4:15pm): Walk with photographers during the event, record names of people in posed pictures and ask guests in photos to fill out appearance release forms as needed.

Water Cooler Volunteer (9:30am-1pm or 12:30-5pm): Refill water jugs; replenish cup supply; make sure guests know water is available – and stay hydrated!