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Teatro latea
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We need volunteers for our May 8th event,

My name is Dr. Steeve Coupeau with NYIHA MEDIA ( www.nyiha.com ) showcasing high-quality universal stories. Did you know that sci-fi and fantasy has displaced comedy, action and adventure to become the top genre of choice for Netflix users according to Ampere Analysis?

Well, on May 8th, we respond dynamically to this change in preference by presenting Blue Magic -the best sci-fi and fantasy film produced in Latin America. I wanted to personally reach out with an invite to a special screening of Blue Magic at Teatro Latea happening on May 8th.

This gives you 10 days to watch the trailer and reserve your ticket now at: https://www.teatrolatea.org/product/ticket-blue-magic-azul-magia-screening-2018-05-08/

I have put a lot of thought into making this screening an incredible experience. In a beautifully shot science fiction film, Director Yoel Morales transports us to a universe with 2 moons. In a remote part of a Caribbean island, completely cut off from modern technology, we find Moíses. Determined to help his ailing mother, he embarks on an expedition to find a rare fruit with the power to cure her. During his search, he meets Bel, a beautiful young blue-haired woman, who transforms his journey. The love Moíses feels for the girl from another moon gave him the strength to defeat his flesh eating opponent. Please visit our site to review film description, key art, and trailer atwww.reelhouse.org/nyihatv.

This May 8th, join us to experience the best in Latin American cinema. Tickets are priced at: $10. The theater is located at 107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002 on the Lower East Side. Take the F train to Delancy Street. Reserve your spot now at: https://www.teatrolatea.org/product/ticket-blue-magic-azul-magia-screening-2018-05-08/ 

I hope to see you there

Dr. Steeve Coupeau



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