Volunteer Coordinator



Start Date


Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


United States


Organization Summary

TC Food Justice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis and incorporated in March, 2016. We work to reduce food waste and hunger in the greater Twin Cities area by working with co-ops, grocery stores, and farmer’s markets to take unsellable produce and nutrient rich breads and deliver it to nearby hunger relief organizations. We focus exclusively on vegetables and fruits (and to a lesser extent, bread) because we seek to improve and enhance access to nutritious, perishable food items at hunger relief organizations that find it a challenge to consistently provide fresh food options for their clients.

TC Food Justice operates through four core values: (1) improving health through increased access to nutrient rich food, especially among food insecure individuals, (2) creating conditions for health and economic equity in the neighborhoods we serve, (3) executing our work through environmentally sustainable mechanisms, and (4) mentoring students and engaging the broader community in the issues of food waste and hunger.

The largest and longest-running program at TC Food Justice is our Food Rescue Program. This program is the core of our work: we find donors with excess produce that they would like to donate instead of throwing away, partner with nearby hunger relief organizations to plan weekly produce drop-offs, and coordinate our volunteers to collect, sort, and deliver the food either using a bicycle and trailer or a personal vehicle. We have found our niche in the local food waste and hunger communities by serving as the connection between smaller, locally owned food businesses and hunger relief organizations that do not have the capacity to receive truckloads of produce each week. We are committed to delivering donated produce the same day (or next day, when operating hours conflict), recognizing the importance of providing our recipient organizations with the highest quality of produce possible. All our deliveries operate free of cost to partner donor and recipient organizations.

Since beginning the Food Rescue Program in March 2016, we have built partnerships with eleven donor produce organizations, countless farmers working at local farmers markets, and ten hunger relief organizations across Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our Food Rescue Program is growing quickly to include many new donor and recipient organizations, helping us deliver produce in additional food insecure neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. In two and a half years of operations, we have diverted more than 36,000 pounds of produce from landfills and compost bins and have delivered it to hunger relief organizations serving food insecure individuals. Our Food Rescue Program has been supported by nearly 80 distinct volunteers, 22 of whom have committed to weekly volunteer sessions.

Although we are a relatively new organization, we have a team of passionate, tireless staff and volunteers who are dedicated to continue growing the impact of our work in the Twin Cities community. In our 2.5 years of operating the Food Rescue Program, we have built the networks and infrastructure to significantly grow the scope of our program in the coming years.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Volunteer Coordinator is an unpaid staff position, as are all staff positions in the organization. The Volunteer Coordinator will be trained in to transition into this role in the next month as the current Volunteer Coordinator prepares to begin a new position within our organization.

The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting volunteers, training volunteers, managing volunteer shifts for food rescues, organizing volunteer appreciation events, tracking volunteer forms, and serving as the interface between volunteers and staff.

The Volunteer Coordinator will use our volunteer management web application and should be comfortable using basic technology.

Experience and Qualification Requirements

This is a great position for individuals who have strong interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills.

More than other positions at TC Food Justice, the Volunteer Coordinator must be able to respond to emails and calls quickly - often within one day when unplanned issues arise with volunteers.

The Volunteer Coordinator must be highly mobile and willing to occasionally use their personal vehicle or bicycle to help train volunteers and exchange supplies with volunteers occasionally.

Applicants who have language skills beyond English are encouraged to apply.

The time commitment for this position is greater in summer and early fall months and lesser in the winter, coinciding with more food rescues during the harvest season. Applicants should be able to commit about 5 hours of remote work per week for TC Food Justice. Staff meetings are held every other Monday evening from 6:30-8:00 pm in St. Paul and Minneapolis.




  • Training Provided

How To Apply


 Submit your resume and an email to hannah@tcfoodjustice.org by Sunday, November 11th, 2018. 

Include in the email your relevant experience and why you are looking to work with TC Food Justice.