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Save The Marginalized projects create sustainable livelihood & development in rural Uganda. Volunteers directly help in communities, women groups and development projects. Perhaps equally important is the "knowledge exchange": helping people from a remote African community gain a greater understanding of the wider world

Now it is not all hard work; volunteers will get an opportunity for fantastic wildlife, rafting, and to experience a region few tourists.


All of our projects need volunteers who can bring new ideas, work with minimal supervision, and have a positive, self-starting attitude. The organization does not need just young volunteers, but older people with business skills and experiences ell as commitment for service delivery


We need those volunteers who can sort out bookwork and apply for grants. Just as the projects try to help all members of society, we need all ages of volunteers to help us function. Basically, you need to decide if you want to live in a town with a bunch of other staff or if you want to be more fully immersed and spend your time living and working in the village.


Uganda being a perl of Africa for its location on the tropical shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda offers unlimited opportunities for adventuring, volunteering, and traveling. This world famous STM destination surprises at every turn with its beautiful lakeshores, a century-old botanical garden alive with the chatter of acrobatic monkeys, friendly people, and colorful tropical birds.


STM invites you to join our volunteer and travel programs in Uganda; explore this newly peaceful and stable African destination while working on meaningful projects.

Some of examples of available Volunteer Opportunities


Work in an Orphanage- As a volunteer perform a variety of much-needed services such as teaching Basic English and other subjects to HIV/AIDS infected or hunger-stricken children.


English Teaching in Rural school- Help to improve school children's conversational English, paving a road for a brighter future - instilling in them a working command of the English language.


Health Projects- Knowledgeable and able-bodied volunteers are in great demand. Help assist doctors with several health-related activities.


HIV/AIDS Awareness- Interested in helping to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has ravaged Africa’s continent? Help create hope among the sick in Uganda and to assure them that they can live productive lives.

Napoli medical care you can work with young boys at te clinic in areas of youth friendly services.



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