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Los Angeles
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We are looking for homeowners and landowners with available backyard and open space in residentially zoned Los Angeles. Be a part of our pilot program, exhibiting the potential of tiny homes on wheels in backyards to house homeless college students. Our pilot tests the program with a tiny home on wheels parked for a month at a time on each property around LA to exhibit how our charity to house homeless college students works, especially with homeowners who need a presence on their property!

A little background on us: We are advocating for government endorsement of tiny homes on wheels in backyards to help ease our city's housing crisis, earning landowners a stipend for minimal effort while housing homeless college students. To raise awareness for our solutions, we're spearheading an unusual but eye-catching project, which we call the Tiny (Toilet) Home Project, building a tiny house out of a wheelchair-accessible porta potty shell (recently seen on Upworthy). The porta-home is a prototype for future such units and is completely off-grid, generating water from thin air and growing food on a rooftop garden. (More:

Our "tour" helps us show our concept in action as we pitch government and funders. Ideal landowner partners have space in Los Angeles, either backyard or unused residential space, that can be accessed by a driveway fitting a trailer. No hookups or access to interior required. Our team will sit down and discuss expectations of the stay, drafting out a document to ensure no liability and ensuring expectations are well defined. After 30 days, our prototype will wheel off the property onto the next one. And pave the way for our homes to house students.

Please contact us if you're interested! Thank you!


  • Stipend Provided

How To Apply

Please email Matt at with questions!