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Familiarize yourself with rural China and experience the traditional ways of the stunningly charming community of Fengyan, a small village located in South China’s Guangxi province!

About the Project

Though they are very hardworking, the people of Fengyan are typically poor and make a living off of farming. You’ll be sure to make a true impact here through much needed humanitarian aid and education.

During the first week on the project our volunteers take part in a week of cultural immersion. You’ll learn firsthand about Chinese food, the language, ancient calligraphy and paper crafts and take in the glorious scenery on our tours of local sites.

Volunteer Work and Contribution

You will receive your work schedule during the first week on the project. There are a number of volunteer options available to our participants:

Teach English to Children – At the primary schools you’ll teach conversational English to the students between 1 and 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. The number of weeks in which you’ll volunteer is up to you though we recommend staying in the project for at least a month. You will also need to account for time to create lesson plans. In your first week you will go over the preparation and teaching skills that will be necessary as well as learning how to manage with minimal resources.

Provide Assistance at the Kindergarten – Volunteer work at the kindergarten consists of teaching younger children ages 4 and 5 for about 10 hours each week. The kindergarten is located in the center of Fengyan at Lian Hua and most of the children come from poor villages around the area. It’s important to emphasize enjoyment and fun rather than working from an official curriculum.

Join now for the experience of a lifetime!!

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