Combined Community Building Projects and Ecotourism in Ghana



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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Greater Accra Region


If you’re on a gap year, summer placement, or career break and want to get your hands dirty, our Community Building Project in Ghana may be right for you to join a team of international volunteers and local people constructing simple buildings in the local communities.

In many areas of Ghana, thousands of families live in inadequate accommodation and children attend school in crumbling buildings. Our construction project allows them to move to new, better quality homes and for the children to receive an education in secure, new classrooms.

The buildings are usually made from mud bricks that are produced by using a press, some mud and water, and then left to harden in the sun. Volunteers help in this process and also with building walls, plastering, and painting. Each house takes an average of one month to construct.

In addition to the basic project, you may also help with landscaping the surrounding area, painting local schools, and renovating classrooms. In the past, volunteers even built a library for few village schools.This is a great opportunity to get involved in a rural project and become an integral part of the local community.

  • Join this program in Ghana aimed at community change and development.
  • Help promote African cultures through your participation in numerous cultural activities, from touring national parks to visiting historical sights
  • Bring material donations such as building tools to support the local community building projects in Ghana.
  • Make a meaningful, lasting change in the lives of the poor people in Ghana.
  • Combine volunteering, tourism, and cultural exchange in this enriching program!


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  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


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