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Founded in 2016, The Uganda School Project set out to support educational development in Uganda. The aim is simple; find schools that are most in need and, in collaboration with the local community, provide proper infrastructure to allow the community to prosper self sufficiently.

To ensure the sustainability of the project and remove the reliance on overseas monthly donations, 6 months ago we started a car washing business in the nearby town. 100% all profits go to straight to the charity funding our school lunches and staff salaries. The car wash is still in a start up phase and is currently just breaking even, so we’re looking for someone with an interest in business to help generate more sales, improve efficiency and secure contracts with many of the local business and NGO’s (a commitment from them to wash their cars with us). 

In addition to this, the volunteer would also help on the Microfinance program for women that was established last year. Here we provide small loans to get women off their feet and into business. This entrepreneurship not only empowers the women but also means they provide a financially more stable life for their families. This has been one of our most successful programs with 30 women so far receiving loans and a 0% default rate. Studies from our partner organisation have shown that with these loans income is improved by 90%. Responsibilities will include auditing, impact assessment and general program coordination.


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